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Houston car accident attorney

If you live in Houston, TX and have been the victim of a car accident for which you have decided to pursue legal compensation, you can file a civil lawsuit for compensation from any, or all, of the following:
  • The driver – most car accident compensation lawsuits in Houston are usually filed against the drivers who caused the accidents. However, compensation claims filed against the drivers will usually only cover personal injury and will not extend to damages to your own car and other property. It is also worth pointing out that this option is only viable if the driver did not succumb to any injuries from the accident otherwise you might have to seek restitution from other alternative sources.
  • The driver’s employer – if the driver who caused the accident was an employee and the accident occurred while the driver was at work then you, through a houston personal injury lawyer, could also sue the driver’s employers. This option is particularly viable if the driver happens to be an undocumented worker, does not have a valid insurance cover or does not have a valid driver’s license.
  • Insurance companies – every driver in Texas is supposed to carry a valid and updated insurance cover and the purpose of the said insurance is usually to take care of payments made if and when the drivers should be involved in an accident. So as the victim of a car accident, you can sue your own insurance company for compensation if your cover provides for that. You can also go after the other driver’s insurers if they have adequate insurance cover for similar situations.
  • Owners of establishments – although this option is rarely explored, sometimes it is possible to successfully sue the owners of drinking establishments in cases where the accident occurred after the driver was in their establishments. This scenario mostly applies to DUI accidents and you could have a very strong case if the driver who caused the accident is found to have had blood alcohol levels that were way above the accepted legal limit at the time of the accident.
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The legal fees charged by an Eagle County criminal attorney usually tends to differ from one attorney to another both in terms of the total charges as well as the payment schedules. Every lawyer or law firm reserves the right to decide how much to charge for their services so it would be inaccurate to try and peg the total fees to any specific figures.

But, that said, it is possible to arrive at a rough estimate of how much you would have to pay such lawyers if you know the factors that they take into account when charging their clients. But before that, it should be pointed out here that some criminal defense attorneys do not always charge every client that they represent and a good number of them work free (pro-bono) for specific clients from time to time especially the ones that they deem really need their services but cannot afford to pay for the same.

attorney feeSome of the most important factors that will dictate how much you have to pay for the services of a criminal defense attorney include the following:

  • Type/ nature of the charges- the more simple charges such as DUI and petty theft usually carry what can be considered as light penalties or punishments and criminal lawyers will not charge much when representing clients with such cases. However, serious charges like murder and kidnapping carry tougher punishments and this will be reflected in the higher charges you will incur when hiring defense attorneys.
  • Complexity of the case- sometimes lawyers charge their clients based on the complexity of the case and the effort it would take to represent them rather than according to the actual nature of the case. For instance, they would charge less for representing a client charged with a crime as serious as murder if the client agrees to a plea deal than they would charge someone else charged with a lesser crime like, say, burglary but whose case goes to full trial.
  • Reputation of the law firm- much as they would not want to admit it, the fact of the matter is that the better the reputation of the law firm is, the more you are likely to pay for their services. The best things, naturally, do not come that cheap. But, always remember that even though the best firms will rarely ever be the cheapest, the most expensive ones are also not always necessarily the best ones.
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death-big-8436Capital sentences also known as death punishments existed since the beginning of the time, perpetrators of the most gruesome crimes were punished with taking their lives away. During the history criminals were tortured and murdered in front of public on town squares and markets. Today death sentencing is unlawful in most of the countries, but there are still some that use this kind of punishments, however it isn’t so cruel as it used to be, and there are tendencies for making the death sentence more ‘humane’. Even though you can’t say that death sentence is humane, it is a little lenient than in the past. Visit Long Island criminal attorney to find more information.

caliprisonsPeople put a lot of effort in finding a suitable sentence that will still cause death but without the needless torture and suffering of the prisoner. Hanging prisoners often caused them to hang on the noose and die painful and slow way. Strangulation is one of the most painful deaths, breaking a neck while hanging causes fast and painless death, but if the drop isn’t calculated correctly it can lead to strangulation of prisoner, that is why Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse designed an electric chair. It was supposed to be the best alternative for death sentencing by hanging.

First man that was executed this way was William Kemmler, however this execution left awful impression on the people who witnessed this execution. Kemmler was twice shocked because the first time he stayed alive, after the second time witnesses said that they smelled the worst odor ever, burning flesh made them feel sick and they said that hanging was ‘prettier’ to watch as well as a massacre by axe.

DP259724Electric chair is still used in some of the American states such as Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and so on. Prisoners are given opportunity to choose between lethal injection and electric chair, it is no wonder that they decide on lethal injection in most of the cases. The possibility of staying alive after electrical shock isn’t attractive to anyone. Agonizing death isn’t the thing somebody would choose for himself and whatever prisoner did, he surely didn’t deserve to be tortured like this.

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Brutal capital punishments

Posted By on Jan 24, 2016

Capital punishment is also known as execution or a death penalty. While it’s banned in many countries in some this form of punishment still exists. Not only does it exist but the sheer punishment is nothing short of brutal. To find more information please visit criminal defense attorney Portland.

1000-cuts-420x288In this article we will review some of the most brutal capital punishments for breaking a certain law around the world, and first one was practiced in China. In China, ”Slow Slicing” was a method used to punish criminals and it existed since 900AD until some early 20th century. Slow slicing was practiced in a way that a person receiving the punishment would get sliced slowly with a knife, getting portions of his/her body chopped off bit by bit, as an act of mercy, the condemned would be given opium to numb down some of the pain and prevent feigning.

Buried_alivekkIn ancient Persia, a very creative method of capital punishment was used, where they would kill a person by suffocating it with ash. This was done in a sealed room or a tower filled with ash and some mechanism that would make the ash constantly whirl around thus making the person slowly choke while inhaling it.

li-japan-prison-cp-6164438In Japan, even for minor offenses you could end up with a capital punishment, the one they used the most is decapitation. Japan is a nation that values bravery and loyalty above all else, so if a soldier fled from the battlefield, he would certainly die by decapitation. This form of execution was usually a second act, where the disgraced soldier would perform seppuku first as a way to redeem his honor, after which a samurai standing above him would put him out of his misery. In order for this ritual to be ”Civil”, samurai would have to be properly trained in the way of the sword, so that when they perform the decapitation, only a slight part of the skin would remain, holding the head in its place so that it doesn’t roll towards the viewers. All of these acts were actual government laws being put to action and not some savage, unplanned situation, so be grateful that you live in these civilized times where worst thing that can happen to you is jail time.

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Execution-of-a-German-Communist-in-Munich-1919There are laws for almost anything that exists, and if these laws are broken, punishment will come accordingly. This being said, a law by itself can be very immoral, or imposed by one country on another. During the time of peace and the time of war, some international laws should always be respected. We are talking of course about how one nation treats its prisoners. In this article we will talk about one of the most ruthless forms of execution carried out by Nazi Germany during the time period that happened between 1930 and 1945. This ”law” they created was later regarded as crime against humanity. Find more on San Diego criminal defense attorney.

22Gas chamber way of executing was primarily made for Jews, later spread to Romani people, gays, mentally and physically disabled and anyone who was viewed as a threat to the third Reich. This form of execution was carried out in stationary rooms or in mobile vehicles like trains. They would force a large group of people into sealed rooms with no exhaust holes where they would leak gas, filling the room with carbon monoxide thus suffocating them. Carbon monoxide is a kind of gas that is produced by an exhaust system of automobiles, tanks or other gasoline consuming vehicles. This way they saved ammunition and time in order to eliminate many people at once.

dachau showerRooms which were used for mass murder could be filled with up to 2000 people and during the period from 1941 to 1945 several million people were killed by suffocating. Nazi Germany broke every law regarding human rights, committing biggest genocide in the history of mankind and this period of the 20th century will always be viewed with great sadness and sense of tragedy. No wonder after losing the war, Germany’s actions were described as ”Crime against humanity”.

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